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Using Facebook for Social Commerce This Holiday Season


Jennifer Flanagan

Oct 19 2021

The 2021 holidays are finally upon us, and marketers are pulling out all the stops for what’s expected to be another record-setting year for both retail and ecommerce. While shifting trends in the digital advertising space are continually forcing brands to tinker with innovative new ways to reach their desired audience, social media has become an undeniable powerhouse to provide a solid foundation for retailers’ Q4 marketing push.

When it comes to social, Facebook continues to reign as one of the top social commerce platforms to engage audiences from discovery to conversion. Here are some of the most important Facebook tips to keep in mind as you ready your 2021 holiday campaigns.

Why Use Facebook?

Social channels have become an increasingly popular destination for product discovery — even among those who didn’t intend to seek out products in the first place. According to Facebook’s holiday report, 62% of North American shoppers said they enjoyed discovering items they weren’t actively looking for, and 92% of holiday shoppers who say they made a spontaneous discovery on Facebook platforms while shopping online. Facebook has so successfully ingrained itself as a social utility that just about every audience demographic a business could hope to attract can be found somewhere within its vast digital network. 

In addition, Facebook recognizes its growing role in ecommerce and works to evolve its on-platform shopping tools to meet the demand. The addition of tools like Facebook Shops helps brands of all sizes find users and offer increasingly relevant products to drive purchases. 

How to Engage Facebook Users by Understanding Their Preferences

In addition to the usual eye-catching perks like free shipping and holiday discount codes (still the two largest determining factors for online shoppers who ultimately convert), potential customers have developed a taste for more personalized marketing messages — ads that not only cater to their specific product preferences, but appeal to them as individuals. The importance of personalization is further stressed by the increasing need to tactfully address new and existing customers through a consistent omnichannel approach

When an ecommerce site uses a potential shopper’s previous activity to show similar products or complementary items, it establishes a mutually beneficial relationship with that user and shows them they are valued. Recognizing this need, Facebook has added extra emphasis on creating personalized, shoppable moments of discovery.

Customers on the platform can expect the usual array of ads this holiday season, but will respond to the special deals most relevant to them — in fact, Facebook’s own data shows targeted ads lead shoppers to discover new products on social media more often than personal recommendations from family and friends. 

Gaining New Customers for the Holidays

Customers are just waiting to fill up their virtual carts to make purchases throughout the holiday season. To advertise effectively, especially on Facebook, brands must find a way to stand out in an increasingly crowded market. Removing friction and increasing convenience keep shoppers happy and engaged longer with a higher likelihood of adding a few more items to their carts.

Advertisers need to leverage their data feed for maximum impact. To do so it’s important to regularly make sure product catalogues and pricing are updated, add shopping tags, and create custom holiday-themed collections full of impulse-buy price points (usually lower dollar amounts) that can drive quick and relevant purchases or can be easy cart additions. 

With social media consumption continuing to rise, platforms such as Facebook have become more targeted and cost effective. If done right, you can win customers this holiday season and into the New Year.

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