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An Overview of CBD Marketing

Digital Marketing

Jennifer Flanagan

Apr 13 2021

CBD products are a fast-growing trend unlike anything we’ve seen in a while. They’re seen everywhere — topicals, foods, beverages, oils, makeups, pillows, and more. But marketing platforms haven’t quite kept up with the times, despite growing consumer acceptance of these products. 

Regulations on many advertising platforms have created red tape in the CBD marketing space. It’s important to understand where you can and cannot advertise (or sometimes, where it’s not worth it). Additionally, optimizing the digital marketing you can do with other brand-building tactics can make or break a CBD brand in the crowded market.

Compliance, Explained

First thing’s first: where you can and cannot advertise. Let’s start with the “bad” news. Facebook and Google don’t allow CBD advertisements. While it was reported that Facebook lifted their ban on CBD ads, in our experience, we’ve found compliance with their rules incredibly difficult and those rules can change quickly. This has resulted in many CBD ads being removed and, in the worst cases, brands’ Facebook business manager accounts were shut down. 

Google isn’t much better, although they seem to be trending in the right direction. But for now, CBD ads are not allowed and brands risk penalization on future advertisements even if those ads are not CBD focused. 

However, there is some good news: Programmatic is an efficient and effective way to advertise CBD products. Programmatic is such an exceptional platform because of the audience targeting capabilities attainable with the proper data. The issue many brands have been finding with programmatic, however, is targeting the wrong audience. Many choose to go after the THC audience, but you’ll find far more success with people more interested in sleep, well-being, and physical and mental health.

Snapchat is also a great platform for CBD, although it is technically the most challenging in terms of compliance. However, for brands that manage the rules, returns can be extraordinary. Our clients have seen as much as $4 – 5 in ROAS from Snapchat ads. 

Your Voice, Your Brand

The other side of your marketing strategy is equally important. Your content should be a differentiating factor in your marketing and branding. SEO is one of the most important means for your digital strategy, as it often sits at the bottom of many brands’ funnels. Consumers who are searching for CBD products are likely already interested in purchasing and most will never get beyond the first page of Google.

To assist your SEO, develop great content. While high-level content like “What is CBD?” can be useful, get deeper and more creative with your content. Write about CBD’s benefits in many different use cases. Describe types of recoveries for marathon trainers and include CBD topicals in the mix. Be creative, and do something different with the content you create to stand out from the competition.

The greater your content, the better your value prop is. Highlight your content across many channels beyond your blog — feature it on your social pages, send emails promoting your insight to your consumer base, and feature your content in native ads on your website. This can be one of the best ways to maximize your branding and get your voice heard in the crowded market.

To learn more about CBD marketing, download our guide to marketing CBD products .

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