Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2023
Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2023

Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2023

Digital Marketing

Sheri Cosgrove

Feb 08 2023

As digital advertisers look forward to an eventful year in marketing, it pays to look ahead at the trends most likely to emerge in 2023. Here’s what we expect to dominate headlines in the year ahead and how your brand can prepare now to establish a winning digital strategy.

Digital Marketing Agencies Will Be Key

Marketing agencies will continue to provide efficient solutions for advertisers looking to deploy more cost-effective ad strategies. With access to the industry’s best tools and software, agencies are positioned to capitalize on emerging digital trends at a time when customer behavior is particularly erratic.

Partnering with marketing experts well-versed in SEO, data analysis, and cross-platform campaigns will likely become even more of a priority in 2023 as businesses look to conserve time and money.

Optimized Performance Will Retain the Spotlight 

Measuring and optimizing a campaign’s most relevant KPIs are pillars of any marketing plan. Whether it’s utilizing the latest in automation tech to continuously improve ad delivery or adjusting search terms to cater to different search engines, brand marketers will always be on the lookout for methods of magnifying high-performing ads, audiences, and campaigns — and for identifying areas within the marketing funnel where ads may be coming up short. 

Real-Time Messaging Will Prove an Important Tool

Dedicated customer service options with the aid of real-time messaging are quickly becoming a standard expectation across digital platforms. Users want their product questions addressed quickly, and brands will be wise to sort out any customer concerns standing in the way of a sale without a 2-4 business day wait.

Instant messaging or live chat capabilities are also a simple way to improve overall user satisfaction, particularly for growing businesses looking to establish a positive reputation among new users. As customers continue to grow accustomed to seamless digital shopping, live chat tools will become essential to consistent ecommerce success. The ability to instantly connect with a customer service app or representative to resolve issues with an order or a product (and thus avoid the hassle of the dreaded back-and-forth email thread) should be on your marketing team’s radar.

Big Data Will Drive Innovation

“Data-driven” has become one of advertising’s favorite phrases as of late, and for good reason: data is the foundation of informed marketing decisions. Beyond that, big data can drive new areas of business growth, accelerate the development of innovative new technology, and help even the smallest businesses pinpoint their target demographics online.

Big data is pushing significant digital transformation across virtually every vertical, from aiding live sports venues with social distancing to speeding up medical research, and even to developing fully-autonomous vehicles.

Influencer Marketing Will Eclipse $16B

One of the most impactful ways an ecommerce brand can convey authenticity and personality to potential customers is through the strategic use of influencers. Since its initial introduction to the social media sphere more than a decade ago, influencer marketing has helped brands establish a unique line of communication with digital shoppers. Trusted social media personalities with large, dedicated audiences represent a major opportunity for advertisers — which is why an estimated $16.4 billion will be spent on influencer marketing programs in 2023.

Video Content Will Extend Its Reign

The digital ad landscape is a busy one, but no format has demonstrated its ability to stand apart from the crowd more than a well-placed video. More than 70% of marketers report video being even more important in 2023 than in the previous year, yet 88% report their brands are not yet using video to its fullest potential.

With apps like TikTok still on the rise and additional social media platforms becoming more video-friendly, video content creation should remain a key priority for marketers in the year ahead.

New Targeting Solutions Will Emerge as Third-Party Cookies Fade

While the expiration date on third-party cookies has been delayed until 2024, third-party cookies will still ultimately give way to new targeting methods as data privacy advances to various degrees across the globe. While the expiration date on third-party cookies is no secret, the majority of online businesses are still finding it difficult to apply first-party data to their ad personalization tactics.

As detailed previously, this likely means 2023 represents a new age of first-party data utilization and targeting techniques, including a renewed emphasis on native advertisements, in-app promotions, and cross-device ID tracking tools.

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