Research-Based Solutions to Improve Business Results in 2023
Research-Based Solutions to Improve Digital Marketing Results in 2023

Research-Based Solutions to Improve Business Results in 2023

Press Release

Jennifer Flanagan

Jan 12 2023

Adtaxi introduces innovative new services to help clients combat economic uncertainty & industry changes

DENVER, CO (January 12, 2023)Adtaxi, one of the country’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies, today announced new research-backed marketing solutions for their clients. Adtaxi’s Marketing Research Services are designed to help businesses gain insight into their most pressing challenges, leveraging research to inform and prioritize decisions about their customer, product, and brand. 

This comes as economic challenges are making smart business decisions more critical than ever. Additionally, with Google changing the way they track data in 2024, businesses are losing critical data resources that will impact marketing plans, again increasing the value of these solutions. Adtaxi’s new offerings will not only be available to their current digital marketing clients but will be open to any business in need of data analysis. 

Adtaxi’s goal in this launch is to help businesses understand their customer base, what they value, how they behave, and where the majority of their audience is located or other audiences that may be interested in their products or services. Additionally, it allows clients to leverage consumer household data to maximize the performance of existing or potential footprints. Lastly, the offerings will help businesses gain insight into their most pressing business challenges so they can execute tasks, take action, and drive success. 

“We are so thrilled to offer our clients research-based solutions to some of their most pressing challenges,” said Chris Loretto, EVP of Adtaxi. “With an ever-changing digital landscape, businesses have to be agile and willing to make changes when it comes to their marketing plans. Adtaxi’s goal is to be ahead of industry trends by asking difficult questions, gathering needed answers, and finding the perfect solution for clients to meet their goals.”  

These new offerings will help businesses understand happenings within their company and the market at large. Clients can opt-in to utilize 3 different forms of business analysis reports. Adtaxi will also begin to offer consumer-based surveys and analysis to give businesses an in-depth view of the needs of their clientele. They will develop quantitative and qualitative survey questions to garner accurate responses from a business’s target audience. Upon collection of responses, Adtaxi specialists will conduct a cross-tabulation analysis to share key insights and develop market or shopper profiles, competitive analysis, target personas, and more. From survey design to data collection and analysis, Adtaxi is involved in every step of the process helping their clients fully maximize the results. 

“While we are newly offering this service to all of our clients, Adtaxi has been utilizing data-based research in our digital marketing for years,” added Loretto. “After perfecting our process, we are ready and excited to expand this program. We believe that by staying on top of industry trends and conducting frequent research, our clients will have the upper hand in their campaigns and business endeavors.” 

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About Adtaxi

Founded in 2010 within MediaNews Group, Adtaxi is a client-centric digital organization that brings passion, precision, and sophistication to digital marketing. Leveraging the belief that people matter as much as technology, we help customers solve complex marketing challenges with custom, performance-driven solutions. We made our mark in programmatic advertising before expanding into search, social, and connected TV. Over time, we have refined and perfected our holistic performance-based strategy designed with an innovative full-funnel methodology that utilizes a variety of tools and processes. By using omnichannel optimizations across channels throughout the client lifecycle, we are able to maximize performance and deliver superior value for advertisers. We function as a true partner with our clients, acting as a single point of contact and support through multi-platform campaign cycles. Find Adtaxi on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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