Growth Marketing Opportunities for Digital Marketers
Growth Marketing Opportunities for Digital Marketers

Growth Marketing Opportunities for Digital Marketers

Digital Marketing

Dawn Paul

Oct 05 2023

Today’s marketers are accustomed to using data to guide digital marketing campaigns. However, growth marketers take data analysis to the next level by testing new tactics and channels to not only reach more customers but to create a customer experience that attracts and retains customers for the long haul.

Here’s how the best in the business incorporate growth marketing tactics into digital campaigns, and which components of the customer experience offer an ideal place to start.

How Is Growth Marketing Different From Digital Marketing?

Growth marketing and digital marketing contain some overlap, but they’re not exactly alike. Both specialties consider customer touchpoints throughout the full marketing funnel, and each includes a variety of full-funnel tactics and channels to reach short- and long-term campaign goals.

While customer data is at the core of campaign development for any digital marketing effort, growth marketing leans on slightly different strategies to meet its objectives. One of the most noticeable differences is growth marketing utilizes both digital and non-digital channels, whereas digital marketing doesn’t include traditional marketing methods.

Another key difference is the timeline as it relates to the business-customer relationship. Growth marketing values retention just as much as acquisition and conversion, ensuring scalable growth by catering to existing customers who can become advocates for your brand. That’s why data is so important to growth marketers: it uncovers what customers value most at every touchpoint.

Common Growth Marketing Goals

The goal of growth marketing is to retain more loyal customers through strategic campaign optimization. Here are a few areas advertisers can implement growth marketing tactics into their next campaign:

Customer acquisition

You can’t retain customers who aren’t first aware of (and interested in) your product. SEO can help to improve brand awareness, especially when used in your website copy and display ads. PPC advertising can help businesses reach bottom-of-funnel customers through strategic retargeting campaigns.

Video content continues to perform well at multiple touchpoints. Part of video’s appeal is that it can reach new and existing customers, and then be repackaged for a variety of purposes. eMarketer predicts video will account for 60% of time spent on social platforms by 2024, so if you’re not using video for growth now, it’s time to start.

Customer conversion

There are many types of measurable conversions throughout the customer journey. Since growth marketing aims to create better customer relationships, any of the following could be counted as a successful conversion:

-Contact form submission
-Newsletter sign-ups
-Interaction with a customer service chatbot
-Mobile app install (a huge area for growth right now)
-Product purchase

Pay attention to where customers aren’t converting, and leverage the power of A/B testing to identify and implement improvements that will bring them closer to conversion. For example, do your ads have clear CTAs? Are you targeting the right audience? Use the test results to refine your strategy.

Customer satisfaction and customer retention

Retention strategies are designed to encourage customers to shop with you again and eventually refer your business to others. Using email marketing to request customer feedback, sharing exclusive offers, or sending loyalty discounts are all measurable ways to encourage customers to engage and make additional purchases.

Customer feedback is especially important for growth marketing because scalable growth relies on referrals and recommendations from happy customers. Satisfaction surveys allow consumers to rate their experience and can help you identify where your current campaigns fall short of customer expectations.

Tips for Better Growth Marketing Tactics

No matter your business’ unique priorities, there are a few universal ways to improve your growth marketing efforts.

1. Remember: the customer journey isn’t linear.

A clear-cut customer journey doesn’t really exist anymore, especially as more consumers shop via ecommerce sites, social commerce platforms, and in-app purchases. Marketers who anticipate all of the ways customers interact with their business can create strategies that meet each unique customer need.

2. Promote benefits over features.

Clearly describing product features is always a crucial element in attracting customers, but growth marketing campaigns also emphasize a product’s benefits. The benefits are what ultimately lead to happy, satisfied customers who recommend your business to others. Messaging that helps people envision how their lives can improve by using your product makes it easier for users to advocate for your brand.

3. Focus on retaining customers.

Customer acquisition is expensive. One way growth marketing counters that cost is by improving retention: the best way to ensure sustainable growth is to direct your efforts toward people who already buy and like your product or service. Customers who like a product are more likely to buy again or more with each purchase. Retained customers can also provide the social proof you need to boost your acquisition efforts.

Successful growth marketers evaluate each stage of the customer journey for ways to create meaningful connections. Through data collection and tactic optimization, your future campaigns can drive sustainable growth for your business.

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