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Make an Impact with Cause-Related Campaigns

Digital Marketing

Jennifer Flanagan

May 12 2020

Many people are wanting to help out as the world continues its ongoing battle with COVID-19. Brands are choosing to align with nonprofits and charity groups to make giving easier. These partnerships can help build trust among consumers and make them feel good about participating while also helping to boost brand awareness. Consumers are more likely to buy products when they know a brand prioritizes people over profits when times are particularly hard. If your company is thinking of partnering with a community organization, it’s important to understand how to successfully build a cause-related campaign consumers will value.

Choosing a Nonprofit

Choose a nonprofit that fits with your company’s values and is making strides to help those currently most in need. At a time when traditional advertising may be less impactful, collaborating with a nonprofit can resonate with consumers beyond the current crisis. 

  • When choosing a nonprofit partner, ask the right questions:

  • Is the organization involved in any other partnerships? 

  • How does the organization fund its cause?

  • Does the organization have a strong sense of branding?

  • Why is this organization interested in partnering with you? Do its goals align with yours?

Sites like can be effective tools to research nonprofits.

Forming a Partnership

The most common cause-related campaign partnership is a collaborative partnership. Collaborative partnerships benefit both parties and involve both organizations working toward a common goal. For cause-related partnerships, a formal agreement should be in place detailing matters, including the parties involved, responsibilities, donation calculation methods, marketing and brand logistics, timeline of campaign, milestones, and deliverables.

Tips for Running Cause-Related Campaigns

A key ingredient in a successful cause-related campaign is engagement. Consumers want to know how you plan to help the cause supported by your brand. Show them. Involve them. This can be through financial or product contributions, helping to provide resources for frontline workers, or providing essentials for those in need due to financial strains or underlying health conditions.

Craft a clear message. Work with the nonprofit to make sure the all messaging is clear to avoid confusion.

Publicize your partnership. Feature the campaign on your website, create a press release, and use social media to tell the story behind your partnership. Storytelling is a great way to give the “why” behind your campaign.

Involve the public. Encourage consumer involvement with short, creative hashtags and then encourage “tagging” or partner with influencers to share your message. 

Connect with images. Images can be powerful ways to communicate your care for the cause. Images evoke emotions and help people connect with a cause.

Share your impact. Show you’re not just donating money but actually integrating the social good directly into the business. Be transparent. Share information on sales, donations, and the impact on your company.

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