Weekly Digital Breakdown - 5.22.20 | Adtaxi

Weekly Digital Breakdown – 5.22.20

Weekly Digital Breakdown

Jennifer Flanagan

May 22 2020

Facebook Shops Helps Small Businesses Thrive

Small businesses that relied heavily on foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores saw business come to an abrupt halt with the onset of COVID-19 restrictions. This forced many to expand their ecommerce presence in a hurry. Big tech companies have recognized the urgency to help and are working to expedite resources and funds for those in need.

Facebook in particular has been working to turn social media profiles into digital storefronts with Facebook Shops. Through Shops, businesses can set up a single online store for customers on both Facebook and Instagram. Owners can also communicate through WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram Direct messaging for additional engagement. 

As it stands now, Shops will feature a catalog of products for businesses to promote and direct customers to the company website to complete a purchase. However, Facebook plans to expand the program and is testing Facebook Checkout so users never have to leave the social network site for transactions. They also hope to integrate business loyalty programs so users can track rewards. 

Small businesses make up the vast majority of Facebook’s advertisers and the company continues to be committed to aid them through the changing times. Shops will not only accelerate adoption of shoppable features on social, but also aid in an attempt to help boost falling ad revenue.


Pedigree Zooms In On Pet Adoption

For shelter pets, COVID-19 has brought an increase in adoption as many people are looking for a companion while they continue to social distance. However, the adoption process has changed due to the new regulations in place. Pedigree has worked with the Nashville Humane Association to develop Dogs on Zoom to help facilitate contactless pet adoptions around the country. During these sponsored sessions, Pedigree will cover full adoption costs, Zoom membership fee, and equipment costs for shelters to set up the events.

While the concept is helping homeless pets in need, it’s also giving Pedigree the chance to uniquely brand itself in the market. By being there at the start of what they hope is a long-lasting relationship, the company will also be able to help owners through their pet parent journey with food and products throughout the pet’s life.

Pedigree’s partnerships with shelters and hopeful pet owners hopes to add some much needed social connections as we all learn how to navigate this new normal.


Spotify Is About To Take The Top Spot In Podcasts

Spotify just struck a deal with one of the most popular podcasts in the world, The Joe Rogan Experience. In an effort to continue to expand the platform’s audience and podcast selection, comedian Joe Rogan will begin airing his podcast exclusively on Spotify starting September 1st. The show will be free to all Spotify users, both paid and ad-supported members, and video episodes will also be available as in-app “vodcasts.”

The $100 million deal will give Rogan full creative control over the show without the fear of being demonetized, as it has been over the course of it’s run for the videocasts on Youtube. The only notable change that stemmed from the deal will be the addition of mid-roll ads instead of the current format of only pre-roll ads . 

Joe Rogan’s controversial topics and high-profile guests have been instrumental in catapulting him to the top of the charts. Spotify’s deal with Rogan brings his enormous following to the platform. With creators running into obstacles over creative control, the move may foreshadow others following his lead as Spotify has its sights set on capturing more of the podcast market. 


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