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Dealership Marketing Tactics Looking Forward

Digital Marketing

Jennifer Flanagan

May 20 2020

As the country begins to re-open, dealerships are looking for ways to create a tailored strategy to address the changes in shopping and reassert themselves in the market. Auto shopping continues to rely heavily on digital transactions and this buying behavior will likely continue for the industry. 

So what should dealerships do as they ramp up with marketing efforts? We outline next steps below to get your business back on track.

Steps To Implementing Now

Now is the opportunity to build brand awareness. Choose platforms with a broader audience focus at the top of the funnel and nurture shoppers as they get closer to purchasing. These should include direct mail, email, display, social, and digital video. Streaming consumption is at an all time high so it’s a prime opportunity to utilize Connected TV and digital video for outreach.

Make sure you are addressing questions and concerns so shoppers don’t have to search for this information. This should start with your Google my Business listing as it’s often one of the first interactions a customer will have with your brand.  Make sure all details, such as hours of service, are updated and accurate. 

Creating excitement around being accessible to the public once again is the fastest way to instill confidence for potential buyers. As part of your strategy, tailor messaging to be sensitive to the current situation while addressing what you can offer. Highlight how you are incorporating social distancing in the auto buying experience to instill confidence in your business practices.

Dealerships should also adapt to accommodate the change in customers’ needs. Extend service offerings to include pick-up and delivery for sales and service with no contact payment options. Offer at home test drives and vehicle delivery for buyers to make the process easier. Facilitate business online as much as possible for things like trade in value, processes for applying for financing, and sales paperwork. This should all be clearly and prominently communicated on your website. 

Plans For The Future

Long term plans should start with making sure you have the right technology in place and it’s being leveraged effectively. Start by focusing on integrations between your website, DMS, and CRM providers and make sure you’re able to utilize the information gathered effectively. 

Digital retailing was already in the process for the automotive industry and is now experiencing an accelerated shift. Integrating shopper data along with observed media habit trends should be used to adjust your marketing efforts for the coming year. 

The past few months have presented truly unprecedented challenges – but all hope is not lost. With a detailed, strategic and responsive plan for the year ahead, dealers can create a roadmap that will optimize sales and set the stage for momentum well into the future. 

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