Adtaxi: Your Go-to B2B Digital Marketing Partner
Adtaxi: Your Go-to B2B Digital Marketing Partner

Adtaxi: Your Go-to B2B Digital Marketing Partner

Digital Marketing

Jennifer Flanagan

May 30 2023

Digital Marketing for B2B

Savvy business owners know how vital online marketing is in the digital world. But the process varies depending on your target audience — some companies serve individual consumers, while others sell their services or products to other businesses.

Marketing a business to other businesses can be challenging and confusing if you don’t know where to begin. From budget limitations to creative demands to buyer persona, there’s a lot to juggle when developing a solid marketing strategy. That’s why B2B digital marketing agencies like Adtaxi exist. Our marketers are here to ensure that your advertisements and promotions build brand awareness among your intended business audience and convert prospects to paying customers. Plus, we’ll customize digital solutions in the most cost-effective way to align with your business goals.

How Digital Marketing Is Used for B2B

Digital marketing applications for B2B businesses are designed to introduce B2B brands to other companies that need to purchase products or services to thrive. With an effective B2B digital marketing agency, the target business audience will get familiar with a brand and its offerings. The end goal is to turn the digital audience members into paying customers.

We always prioritize driving measurable results and maximizing ROI when marketing B2B businesses online. Tried-and-tested strategies such as social media marketing have proven effective in convincing audiences of a business’s value. In addition, streaming TV, search marketing, programmatic, and search marketing can engage, nurture, and convert your audience efficiently throughout your B2B sales funnel.

We find digital marketing a win-win for both ends of the B2B chain. Businesses advertising their products will effectively market their content, find customers and gain ROI. On the other hand, consumer companies can stay in business thanks to the goods or services provided.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important for B2B?

The aim of B2B marketing is to increase brand awareness, website visitors, the number of leads, and ultimately sales. But there are many more reasons to invest in professional digital marketing solutions:

•           Customers are changing: B2B customers have become more empowered than ever. They want things done right, fast, and efficiently. One way to enhance customer experience is by seamlessly fusing your business and digital marketing channels. For instance, PPC ads can help you capture leads faster and more efficiently, but landing page optimization is an essential step to ensure that your website is performing at its best and delivering the highest possible conversion rate from its visitors.

•           Consumers are going mobile: Smart devices have made it easy for customers to search for products or services online and conduct research before engaging with vendors. Furthermore, “near me” searches make it easy to settle on nearby businesses. Digital marketing solutions like SEO can help a B2B agency improve online visibility, rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and generate customer leads. Additionally, optimizing web pages for mobile visibility makes it easy to navigate and gather information, which increases brand interest and trust.

•           Digital marketing is cost-effective: Marketing your B2B company digitally is less costly yet very effective compared to traditional outreach. The strategies used can quickly create brand familiarity and trust to bring affordable conversion. For example, the ability to personalize messages such as email advertisements and social media offers allows digital marketers to gauge prospects’ intentions and subtly nudge them toward purchasing your products or services.

•           Online marketing levels the playing field: A strategic online marketing plan facilitates fair play, where small manufacturers get seen online and have equal consumer access as the big industry names. That means everyone has a chance to grow in the online world. Plus, digital marketing offers a less expensive solution for businesses with a limited budget to market their craft, reach prospects, stay competitive, and deliver campaigns with effective results at a low cost. 

•           Digital ads can increase social proof: Consumers often recommend services or products after trying them out and loving a particular brand, meaning your target audience can make decisions depending on what other businesses/customers think about your company. This hands-on experience from current clients enables new prospects to learn what to expect from your B2B business. We can help you leverage first-party data to create dynamic creative formats and intelligent sequential messaging to drive action and conversions.

How Digital Strategy Can Help B2B

Digital strategies typically help B2B businesses to increase brand awareness, sell the value/benefits of products, convert leads to consumers, and ultimately achieve marketing goals. They also make it easy to identify the tools that drive more sales.

Let’s take a quick look at specific ways digital strategies can help B2B customers:

•           Understanding audiences: Identifying target consumers and segmenting them into various buyer personas guides B2B online campaigns. Our digital experts use a combination of media platform intelligence, industry research and trends, and performance data to help us create well-informed recommendations to sell your  business as the solution.

•           Lead generation: SEO helps customers find businesses online. It ranks B2B web pages high on search results, so prospects can land on the website, learn the services provided, and become paying customers.

•           User-friendliness and customer experience: B2B customers will have a smooth experience with a well-designed and mobile-friendly website. That leaves a good first impression and may persuade prospects to stay on-site longer, which minimizes the bounce rate.

•           Greater reach via social media: About 75% of B2B clients conduct social media searches before a purchase. In that case, creating social media accounts for businesses can link with a wide audience.

How Adtaxi Can Help

Adtaxi is a client-centric digital marketing agency that helps B2B customers solve complex marketing challenges with custom, cost-effective, and performance-driven solutions. Here are some of the proven digital solutions we use to find prospects, nurture leads, and drive conversions:

•           Programmatic: We leverage our expertise in audience targeting and attribution across display, native, video, and audio to maximize the performance of your campaigns. 

•           Search marketing: We use advanced bidding tactics to ensure maximum visibility, increase reach, and generate leads.

•           Social media advertising: Our sophisticated targeting capabilities allow us to deliver key messaging tailored to each user’s needs, helping you reach more potential customers across specific social platforms and maximize your sales funnel. 

•           Streaming TV: We employ the latest cross-platform and digital technologies to create high-impact, effective campaigns to ensure every element of your campaign is optimized for maximum impact.

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