Digital Marketing Agency for Healthcare
Digital Marketing Agency for Healthcare

Digital Marketing Agency for Healthcare

Digital Marketing

Jennifer Flanagan

May 30 2023

A digital marketing agency for healthcare is responsible for creating a strong online presence for its clients. In the healthcare industry, this online presence should lead to increased site traffic to the practice’s or medical facility’s website, which should result in improved lead generation.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important in Healthcare?

From education to entertainment and everything in between, consumers increasingly rely on the internet to find what they’re looking for. The healthcare industry isn’t getting left behind in the digital sphere. Research shows that around 70% of patients read online reviews before deciding to consult with a particular doctor, and for women, this figure jumps up to 80%. That means even before patients have met the doctor or set foot in the healthcare facility, a vast majority of them have already decided whether to book an appointment or go elsewhere.

A healthcare digital marketing agency is responsible for creating a clear pathway for potential patients to find your facility. Imagine the internet as a busy highway and the digital marketing agency as the engineers who put signs along the road to direct patients to your practice. The better the marketing agency is at promoting your online presence, the clearer the online pathway to your practice will be. Without a digital marketing strategy, you’re at a disadvantage when competing against all the other practices with a slightly better online presence than you.

Advantages of Using Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Digital marketing can be advantageous to the healthcare industry as more people use online tools to navigate their lives, from appointment scheduling right through to research. Some advantages healthcare centers gain by using a digital marketing agency include:

•           Greater online visibility: Digital marketing agencies provide content strategies that take into account search engine algorithms and how to channel more traffic from your target market to your practice.

•           Better online reputation: As previously mentioned, the vast majority of consumers research doctors before scheduling an appointment and this includes reading reviews. A decent marketing strategy will ensure that even if the practice receives an occasional bad review, there are responses to the reviewer and engagement to set potential patients’ minds at ease.

•           Engagement: Engagement is used to create a seamless flow of communication between the healthcare provider and patients. A proper engagement strategy will not only market to potential new patients but also build on the relationships with existing patients to ensure patient retention and repeat visits. This happens through simple things such as appointment reminders and follow-up calls, as well as more targeted approaches such as newsletters and active social media management.

•           Targeted marketing: Healthcare professionals know that not every patient is the same or comes for the exact same consultation as the one before. This means that a marketing approach can’t always happen across the board and sometimes you need to whittle it down according to certain demographics, which can include very specific information such as past procedures to a broader market such as age.

•           Analytics: You can track whether your digital strategies are effective and whether the return on investment justifies the effort. Data analysis and reports can provide detailed information about your campaigns and their success rates.

How Is Digital Marketing Used in Healthcare?

There are several ways to use digital marketing in healthcare, including:

•           Social media marketing: Popular social media platforms can be a well of leads. To reach the ideal market, digital marketers will use health-related content to engage potential and current patients.

•           Contact forms: By simply adding a contact form on the healthcare website and giving patients the choice to opt into newsletters and other forms of communication, additional marketing opportunities are opened.

•           Calls to action (CTA): A call to action can be added to marketing material such as educational content, articles, and blog posts. Such prompts can invite the reader to click a link to direct them to a service or product, such as a booking form or healthcare app.

•           Email marketing: Sending emails can be an effective tool to keep in contact with patients; for example, emails could include newsletters, informative articles, or health alerts.

•           Pay-per-click advertising (PPC): Healthcare providers may choose to pay for advertising space on the internet, for example on blogs. You might spot these ads in the margin or banner areas of websites.

•           Content marketing: There are several content types and digital marketing plans that can improve a healthcare provider’s online presence, such as regularly posting videos, e-books, and blog entries. Marketers will include popular search phrases to help guide traffic to the website through these media.

•           Mobile optimization: Considering how many patients use their phones to do online research, ensuring that the healthcare provider’s website is mobile-friendly is important. An app may also be a good avenue and may encourage further retention.

•           Influencer marketing: Brand ambassadors and influencers that already have an online presence can be recruited to increase lead generation.

How a Digital Marketing Strategy Can Help Healthcare

Healthcare providers include a digital marketing strategy in their overall marketing campaign to increase their reach, engage more consumers, grow their patient base, and expand to new markets. It can fast-track patient education and improve the value of interactions with patients, which in turn enhances the patient experience. Digital marketing also allows healthcare professionals to promote their brands and increase credibility.

How Adtaxi Can Help

Adtaxi offers healthcare providers a digital marketing strategy and custom marketing solutions that help our clients scale their online presence. With advanced technologies, we can find the most relevant and powerful terms associated with your specialty procedures. This allows us to identify which words would be most effective to create content that resonates with potential customers. Additionally, utilizing these technologies helps us tailor content to your audience’s preferences and needs, ensuring that marketing efforts provide maximum value for your campaigns, allowing your practice to reach its full potential.

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