Weekly Digital Breakdown - 2.13.20 | Adtaxi

Weekly Digital Breakdown – 2.13.20

Weekly Digital Breakdown

Jennifer Flanagan

Feb 13 2020

Searching For Answers On Google

Over the weekend, many SEO experts noticed significant changes in Google search results and what seems to be adjustments in the ranking algorithms. While still unconfirmed by Google, major fluctuations at specific times across multiple sites may indicate they are testing something that could greatly impact how sites are ranked organically directly affecting traffic. 

Online chatter about the shifts has been ongoing among industry experts. Based on what they are seeing, it appears that excellent content is being rewarded with higher rank and exceptionally poor content may have been deindexed. 

It’s unlikely any updates have been officially rolled out, but site managers may see big changes in organic Google traffic in analytics causing many to speculate testing is still in place. In the meantime, traffic will continue to be monitored as many anxiously await official news from Google. 


Yelp Serves Metrics For Foot Traffic

In a test pilot with Yelp, Denny’s began using Yelp Store Visit metrics to evaluate in-store traffic based on their digital ad efforts. By using opt-in location information, Denny’s is able to determine what ads diners saw and what the cost was to their marketing to acquire that customer. The two are eager to experiment with the ads and leverage engagement to boost sales. It’s also likely the test will be a springboard for Yelp’s expansion of its Yelp Store Visits metrics to other national brands.

Additionally, Yelp also introduced Showcase Ads for national marketers. The video-centric formatted advertisements can be used to feature in-season promotions in a more compelling way. The new ad units in combination with visit metrics offer a focus on hyper-local audiences. 

Yelp continues to demonstrate their commitment to bringing more value to their platform. As food delivery services grow at rapid speed, many casual dining chains are looking for creative ways to drive in-store foot traffic. Yelp continues to evaluate the use of location data via mobile devices to evolve marketing metrics and campaigns strategy, helping businesses gain greater control on being effective in the market. 


Monitization May Be Coming to IGTV

Instagram is looking to improve IGTV content and is willing to pay to do so. Instagram has created a monetization prototype as part of an unreleased Instagram Partner Program. Eligible users, which remain undefined currently, will be able to monetize their IGTV  videos by showing ads along with their videos. 

Specifics are still unknown but the program could potentially be modeled after Facebook Watch where content producers earn a percentage of revenue from ads that run during their content. Instagram’s new program could offer an income stream content creators have been seeking. It could also encourage higher quality content driving view counts and increase revenue for all involved. 

Instagram has yet to officially release details, but did confirm the authenticity of the prototype. It’s likely the program would need to undergo beta testing before being unveiled. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri did respond to inquiries acknowledging their company’s focus on making the platform sustainable for creators.   


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