Weekly Digital Breakdown - 10.25.19 | Adtaxi

Weekly Digital Breakdown – 10.25.19

Weekly Digital Breakdown

Jennifer Flanagan

Oct 25 2019

Pandora Is Playing Off Your Emotions

For most, listening to music is an emotional experience. Songs can be encouraging for a workout or comforting after a long day at the office. Pandora is tapping into these emotions to target users based on mood and predicted activity. While not a new concept for streaming audio, the company has extensive data for increased accuracy. 

According to executives at the company, since the services inception twenty years ago, songs have been tagged based on related emotion. The company now has access to data that can be used to assist advertisers in more accurate targeting. Brands can target based on mood which has been carefully curated with corresponding keywords for classification. 

Advertisers have had the ability to utilize the targeting on Pandora since summer 2019. Brands may choose emotions that commonly coincide with their activity or related action, like driving or cooking for more precise results. 

Propel, the sports beverage company has worked with Pandora’s emotion-based targeting to create a playlist combining upbeat and motivating music with workout ideas for a personalized experience. The campaign produced three times as much engagement than the previous year and had 600,000 subscribers, proving the data pays off. 

While users are looking for new ways to experience a brand, creating an emotional connection builds a memorable experience and brand loyalty.


ROKU Acquires Dataxu

This week, Roku expanded its advertising and targeting capabilities with the acquisition of Dataxu. The $150 million addition brings data management capabilities that allow marketers the ability to run and refine programmatic video ad campaigns with more precision across Roku products. 

The merger will allow advertisers the ability to leverage advanced targeting with the combination of first and third party data to reach Roku’s 30.5 million active users across video platforms. With the growing shift from traditional linear television to Connected TV, tapping into additional data sources to better plan and execute campaigns is a natural progression. 

Roku anticipates the acquisition of Dataxu will help advertisers monetize more efficiently. It will also bring more brand interest to the platform’s marketing capabilities. As data continues to drive digital marketing decisions and more dollars to video, companies will work to try to harness this powerful medium for maximum effectiveness.


Snapchat Wants To Share With Publishers

Sharing articles and information on Snapchat just got easier. A “Share on Snapchat” button is now available to publishers to add to their site, streamlining the ability for media to be better integrated with the platform. Due to Snapchat’s format, publisher information could only be shared via screenshot with no way to link back to the origin. Now, users can quickly and easily share what they are reading or viewing in a story or with a select group of friends. 

The new feature, combined with extended capabilities of Snapchat’s Creative Kit for Web, offers distribution accessibility to developers within the platform to then drive traffic back to their own sites. Users will also be prompted to subscribe to the partners’ Discover Channels upon sharing content. 

Although the partnerships will provide publishers with additional platform access, Snapchat ensures user privacy remains top priority. Identifiable details such as demographic information or friend lists will remain confidential.

As companies continue to seek out ways to expand reach and engage younger audiences, the added abilities to Snapchat open exciting possibilities. The company’s increasing growth and expansion of tools for advertisers will continue to keep the company in focus for brands. 


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