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Ecommerce and retail brands are always seeking new ways to reach their target audiences with relevant branded content. Connected TV (CTV) has emerged in recent years as an effective medium for extending brand reach to qualified viewers, gathering detailed analytics and insights, and driving cost-effective digital ad campaigns. Today we dive into the reasons ecommerce and retail advertisers need CTV to succeed in today's market, the key challenges these industries face, and CTV strategies every ecommerce and retail brand can quickly implement. Common CTV Challenges Facing Ecommerce and Retail The art of reaching the right user at the right time — and with the right messages — can prove intimidating for brands still transitioning from brick-and-mortar operations to the online marketplace. As more consumers turn to online shopping for its convenience and variety, more brands emerge to obscure the market with virtually endless product offerings, making it difficult to stand apart from the competition. CTV is one solution to this problem, offering brands an opportunity to engage audiences through content they’ve already elected to view. With more eyes on streaming services than ever, it tracks that CTV ad spend continues to outpace projections. Brand marketers should also be prepared to invest in high-quality creative and precise targeting to stand out in a field growing increasingly crowded — CTV isn’t the secret marketing weapon it once was. Creating engaging and relevant video content requires time and resources, which can require significant investment for brands unaccustomed to running video ads online. However, high-quality video content designed for CTV campaigns can easily be repurposed to fit the needs of other channels. Why Ecommerce and Retail Brands Need CTV One of the main benefits of CTV is its ability to reach a highly targeted audience. With CTV, brands can target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors to connect with users matching their ideal customer profile. This degree of specificity is far beyond the capabilities of traditional TV advertising, making CTV a powerful tool for brands in virtually any vertical. CTV campaigns also provide detailed insights into consumer behavior. Brands can track who sees their ads, how long they watch, and whether they’re taking action as a result of the ad’s messaging. This data informs and refines strategies and campaigns for improved results — not just through CTV, but across all channels and platforms. Lastly, CTV is widely considered a cost-effective advertising solution compared to traditional TV advertising. With CTV, brands can reach customers with precision targeting and reduce wasteful ad spend. What Makes a Good CTV Campaign? There are a handful of common traits today’s best-performing brands share when winning over customers with CTV advertising: Invest in high-quality video content. Consumers expect video content that is both engaging and relevant to their interests. Brands that can create a video that resonates with their target audience are likely to see success with CTV advertising. Base CTV targeting and messaging in data. By carefully monitoring ad performance, brands can hone their targeting parameters and creative assets for better results. This data can also be used to identify new opportunities and trends to stay ahead of the competition. Integrate CTV advertising with other marketing channels. Brands that integrate CTV advertising with social media and email marketing can create a more cohesive experience for new customers — and maintain a consistent brand voice throughout their marketing efforts. Partner with an experienced CTV advertising agency. A good agency can provide expertise and guidance on how to create effective CTV campaigns, helping brands maximize their advertising spend and achieve their marketing goals. CTV is quickly becoming an essential advertising tool for ecommerce and retail brands. While CTV may pose some initial challenges to brands new to targeted video or the broader digital ad environment, those that invest in high-quality CTV campaigns and work with experienced partners can generate a healthy ROI. By adopting a proactive approach to CTV advertising, brands position themselves for success in the years ahead.

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Our partnership with Adtaxi has been just that—a partnership. From the very first strategy session, Adtaxi sought to understand our unique position in the nonprofit world and went to great lengths to craft a digital marketing plan that felt natural for our organization. As a result of them spending time learning our organization, our audiences, and our goals, we have seen extraordinary results from our work together. I greatly appreciated how Adtaxi manages our partnership.

International Nonprofit Organization

Adtaxi has been a great agency extension and partner for our digital media advertising needs. The team is personable, responsive, effective, and have been an integral contributor in our client campaign successes.

Communications Agency

As an advertising coordinator for an NFL team, it is not uncommon to have many projects going on at once. Fortunately, we partner with Adtaxi for all our digital marketing efforts, and Adtaxi over delivers regardless of the specific goals of each project. The team has been great to deal with, they execute, they are flexible, and they never fail to deliver real results time after time.

NFL Team

I've been working with Adtaxi for 3 years, and I've seen excellent results on our digital marketing campaigns. The communication with them is A+ and always prompt when you want to make a campaign/ad change or set up a meeting. I speak with them weekly, and it's a phone call that I enjoy having during my very busy work day.

Dental Organization

My team at Adtaxi has never let me down. They are innovative and forward-thinking, and help my company maneuver through all the digital marketing avenues there are to create awareness and ultimately conversions to increase our bottom line.

Auto Parts Retailer

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