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Personalization Versus Privacy: How Marketers Can Find A Middle Ground

The imminent demise of third-party cookies has seriously impacted how online marketers and advertisers collect customer data to build personalized user experiences. Third-party cookies have been the industry standard in data collection for more than…

How to Build Loyal Customers for the Holidays and Into the New Year

It’s the holiday season, and as you may have noticed, it’s expected to be a big one for online retailers and shoppers eager to put last year’s pandemic curveball behind them. This fall marks a…

Getting Your Digital Marketing On Target

Whether you’re building a digital marketing playbook from scratch or refining your current process for growth, there are a few foundational components every brand should be aware of when taking on the digital marketplace. Here’s…

Free Digital Marketing Campaign Audit

Auditing your digital marketing campaigns is an extremely valuable tool to assess what you’re doing right and identify where you’re missing the mark.
When was the last time you examined the metrics and how confident are you in the effectiveness of your current structure?

Tips for Improving Your Data Feed for Better Personalization

A well-curated data feed makes for a great user experience. Keeping your feed updated with detailed information means you can be confident all the work you’ve poured into developing great products, web pages, and marketing…

How Personalization Wins Over Customers

Users have come to expect personalized marketing messages — ads that not only cater to their specific product preferences, but appeal to them as individuals. Successful marketing personalization means using your brand’s available data to…

How Your CTV Strategy Influences Purchase Decisions

Connected TV (CTV) is more than a flashy new brand awareness tool. Streaming services and their accompanying libraries of viewing options are continuing to expand, making TV more easily accessible via personal devices and the…

Kudos from our Clients

Our partnership with Adtaxi has been just that—a partnership. From the very first strategy session, Adtaxi sought to understand our unique position in the nonprofit world and went to great lengths to craft a digital marketing plan that felt natural for our organization. As a result of them spending time learning our organization, our audiences, and our goals, we have seen extraordinary results from our work together. I greatly appreciated how Adtaxi manages our partnership.

International Nonprofit Organization

Adtaxi has been a great agency extension and partner for our digital media advertising needs. The team is personable, responsive, effective, and have been an integral contributor in our client campaign successes.

Communications Agency

As an advertising coordinator for an NFL team, it is not uncommon to have many projects going on at once. Fortunately, we partner with Adtaxi for all our digital marketing efforts, and Adtaxi over delivers regardless of the specific goals of each project. The team has been great to deal with, they execute, they are flexible, and they never fail to deliver real results time after time.

NFL Team

I've been working with Adtaxi for 3 years, and I've seen excellent results on our digital marketing campaigns. The communication with them is A+ and always prompt when you want to make a campaign/ad change or set up a meeting. I speak with them weekly, and it's a phone call that I enjoy having during my very busy work day.

Dental Organization

My team at Adtaxi has never let me down. They are innovative and forward-thinking, and help my company maneuver through all the digital marketing avenues there are to create awareness and ultimately conversions to increase our bottom line.

Auto Parts Retailer

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