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Adtaxi Named a 2022 Google Premier Partner

– 8th year Adtaxi receives this honor –  DENVER, CO (February 7, 2022)— Dever based digital agency Adtaxi, has achieved 2022 Premier Partner status in the Google Partners program. Adtaxi is one of the nation’s…

Defining Full-Funnel Marketing (And Why it Works)

Full-Funnel Marketing Most people think of marketing as a one-time event: you create a great ad or website, then sit back and wait for the customers to come flooding in.  But that’s not how it…

Contextual Targeting: Reaching Your Audience Through Relevant Search

Over the past few years, online privacy has become much more important to consumers. U.S. mobile users are least likely to share data online simply to receive more relevant ads, putting it on marketers to…

Free Digital Marketing Campaign Audit

Auditing your digital marketing campaigns is an extremely valuable tool to assess what you’re doing right and identify where you’re missing the mark.
When was the last time you examined the metrics and how confident are you in the effectiveness of your current structure?

The TV Landscape is About to Flip: TV Streaming Engagement Deepening at the Expense of Cable

– 51% of Super Bowl LVI Viewers will do so on Broadcast or Cable TV;  A 20% drop since 2019  –  – Nearly half (46%) of Americans will interact with digital media while watching the…

Programmatic Native Advertising

Why Choose Adtaxi for Programmatic Native Advertising? Adtaxi is a leading programmatic native advertising company, including dynamic creative optimization. This means that we can personalize the content of your ads based on each unique viewer,…

Make the Most of Facebook Advertising With This Guide

While it might seem as though there’s a new social media platform every day, Facebook is still the most popular social media platform among active users. This is important for small businesses because even if…

Kudos from our Clients

Our partnership with Adtaxi has been just that—a partnership. From the very first strategy session, Adtaxi sought to understand our unique position in the nonprofit world and went to great lengths to craft a digital marketing plan that felt natural for our organization. As a result of them spending time learning our organization, our audiences, and our goals, we have seen extraordinary results from our work together. I greatly appreciated how Adtaxi manages our partnership.

International Nonprofit Organization

Adtaxi has been a great agency extension and partner for our digital media advertising needs. The team is personable, responsive, effective, and have been an integral contributor in our client campaign successes.

Communications Agency

As an advertising coordinator for an NFL team, it is not uncommon to have many projects going on at once. Fortunately, we partner with Adtaxi for all our digital marketing efforts, and Adtaxi over delivers regardless of the specific goals of each project. The team has been great to deal with, they execute, they are flexible, and they never fail to deliver real results time after time.

NFL Team

I've been working with Adtaxi for 3 years, and I've seen excellent results on our digital marketing campaigns. The communication with them is A+ and always prompt when you want to make a campaign/ad change or set up a meeting. I speak with them weekly, and it's a phone call that I enjoy having during my very busy work day.

Dental Organization

My team at Adtaxi has never let me down. They are innovative and forward-thinking, and help my company maneuver through all the digital marketing avenues there are to create awareness and ultimately conversions to increase our bottom line.

Auto Parts Retailer

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